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AIDA Registration

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We are keen to encourage people with an interest in AIDA - or people who are making use of the software - to register. To do this all you need to do is enter your email id below and press the Submit button

or send a blank email note to:

The advantages of registering are numerous:

1) From the number of registered users we can assess the continuing level of interest in this diabetes simulation approach. As all development is done in people's spare time - this is an important factor in encouraging us to get more done.

2) We have a way of easily informing those with an interest in AIDA about further developments with the software. Any problems / 'bug' reports - and fixes - can also be easily disseminated, rapidly, by email (at no real cost).

3) In the past this needed to be done manually - which was very time consuming - and prone to error. Some people could be informed twice - while others would be missed off completely. This should not happen with the dedicated AIDA registration / announcement list which has been set up specifically for this purpose.

4) The listbot listserver that we are using also has numerous advantages over any manual approach. (i) People can subscribe and unsubscribe without any reference to the AIDA developers. (ii) Dud (expired) email addresses are automatically removed by the listbot software. This does not need to be done manually. (iii) People with multiple email addresses can specify which id they actually wish to use to receive information about AIDA.

As a result of its ease of use - this automated method of registration, with the launch of AIDA v4.3, has replaced all other (older, manual) methods of registering an interest in AIDA. Indeed since this approach was adopted - the AIDA developers have been saved a considerable amount of time - no longer needing to manually sort and deal with registration requests.

Please note - despite the fact that the AIDA registration / announcement list is easy to use - this does not mean that it is used to generate traffic. In fact, traffic on this list is low / non-existent. While the list is open - so that anyone can subscribe - it is closed in the sense that only the AIDA developers can post to the list. As a result traffic is minimal - apart from official announcements about AIDA / 'AIDA on-line'. For instance - apart from a recent announcement about the launch of AIDA v4.3 (in July 2000) - the most recent previous posting was more than 6 months earlier (in January 2000).

Therefore if you are interested in AIDA - and wish to hear about future exciting developments with the diabetes simulation software - you are encouraged to register your interest, as described above.

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