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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
AIDA Website - Privacy Policy

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The AIDA privacy policy is quite simple. If you register with us - we will not sell or pass on your email address to anyone else. If you write to us - we will not sell or pass on your email address to anyone else. Therefore you privacy is at all times assured.

Surveys / Audits
We are constantly striving to learn more about what people like, and do not like, regarding AIDA. Therefore we run surveys or audits of downloads and usage of the 'AIDA on-line' & AIDA PC software. We think this is good practice. However any such surveys are completely anonymous. For instance, we have an on-going audit where we ask people to answer six simple questions while they are downloading the freeware AIDA PC program. This information is received in a completely anonymous fashion - we cannot identify who answers the questions - and therefore confidentiality is assured. We use this information to guide us in the further refinement and development of the AIDA system.
We have also been asking people "Why they are downloading the AIDA software?". Examples of responses can be found by clicking here. We find these replies informative. However all such comments are collected in a completely anonymous manner.
Similarly we occasionally ask users for more interactive feedback about their thoughts on the software. Even if from their email notes we can identify who the sender is - we separate out this information to be sure that the sender's identity remains completely confidential. For instance - in the past we have maintained what we think is quite a fun "Sound Bites" Web page of short, spontaneous comments about AIDA - received by email. No individuals can be identified from this Web page.
From time to time users of AIDA have offered to write something more formally for the "User Reviews" Web pages at this site. Where they have kindly done this - they have chosen to have their text publically signed - and this is one of only two occasions that the names of actual users will be displayed - with their full prior knowledge and approval. The only other occasion that real names will appear at this Website is when people volunteer to sign the AIDA Guestbook and they volunteer this information. If visitors do not wish their names to appear in the Guestbook, they are welcome to use a pseudonym when submitting their comments. Submission of an email address in the guestbook is entirely optional.

For our own interest we keep note of the number of visitors to this site (and the AIDA US mirror site), the number of downloads of the freeware software, and the number of Web-based simulations at 'AIDA on-line' - as well as standard Website logstats info (e.g. number of 'hits', number of unique IP addresses, etc, etc). However, once again, these data are all aggregated and we are not able to monitor any individual's usage of this Website. Furthermore we have no interest in tracking individuals. Click here to view our summary logstats page.

No Funding / Commercial Interest(s)
Our site currently does not have any form of financial sponsorship (it is at present completely self-funded, privately by the Webmaster). We do not sell demographic data. We do not have any connection with any commercial concern.
AIDA v2.0 (and then v2.3) were originally made available without charge to fellow researchers on diskette in 1992 and 1993. Subsequently AIDA v4.0 beta was released for testing on the Internet in March / April 1996 - and the full (non-beta) version was formally released in June 1996. The full history of AIDA releases (including 'AIDA on-line') can be viewed elsewhere at this site. Throughout all this time AIDA has been available without charge, as an independent, completely non-commercial contribution to continuing diabetes education. We hope for this to continue.

We are also interested in researching the further application of information technology (IT, computers) in clinical diabetes care - and see AIDA as a practical example of how IT can be successfully applied for wider use. Given this, from time to time we may publish research reports in medical / computing journals describing our work with AIDA - and include in these data arising from this Website and/or studies / questionnaires / surveys / audits involving AIDA. Once again in these reports - as throughout this site - individual user confidentiality is completely assured. Where Website logstat files are analysed and published, all reports will provide data in an aggregate manner. No individuals will be identified.
Where possible, and where we have access to these published reports in electronic form, we endeavour to include copies of these articles at this Website so visitors can read what we have been doing. Click here to access a selection of these on-line reports.
The AIDA Website owner / Webmaster is currently writing his thesis on the development, evaluation and usage of AIDA. Material may be drawn from this Website for inclusion in the thesis - but no individuals will be identified - unless they have already been identified with their permission at the Website.
It should be said that the site Webmaster (and the organiser of any audits / surveys conducted regarding AIDA) is a medical doctor. In his handling of any individual user information about AIDA he tries to adopt the same level of confidentiality / privacy as a patient would quite rightly expect from face-to-face contact.

Third party - Yahoo! Groups
We use a third party, off-site facility (Yahoo! Groups) to handle all opt-in AIDA registration / announcement lists. In this way no registration email addresses are stored on the AIDA servers. As a result - unless visitors volunteer their names / email addresses on submitting feedback / download comments (when this was not requested) - or when signing the Guestbook - no individual identifiable confidential information should be stored on the AIDA servers. We endeavour to remove any such unrequested indentifiable information (name / email address) before even considering posting that information 'live' on the Web. See our "Why people are downloading AIDA" Web page as an example.
You can view the independent Yahoo! privacy policy directly at:

No Cookies / Web Beacons
The AIDA Website does not issue any 'cookies', or make use of any web beacons. The AIDA Website is entered into a number of medical / healthcare-related banner exchange programmes. Please click here for information about why we are displaying banners at the AIDA site. We have no control over the specific banners displayed, only being able to enter or withdraw the AIDA Website from a particular banner exchange programme. To the best of our knowledge, we are not aware that the banner ads incorporate any 'cookies' or make use of any web beacons. However the banner exchange advertisements are covered by the privacy policies of their own respective, supplying companies.
The downloadable AIDA PC software does not contain any adware or spyware programs. The downloadable AIDA PC software does not contain any special monitoring programs - and does not send any hidden information back from the user's PC to the AIDA Website.

Discussion / Support Forum
We are planning in due course to start an open AIDA discussion / support forum via which AIDA users will be able to communicate with each other - directly - via email or the Web. Where possible we will be seeking to encourage people to post their questions about AIDA directly to this forum - so that others may answer - and so the queries and responses will become available more widely in the forum archive. To facilitate this, where the question(s) might be of wider interest, we may forward any queries sent directly to us using the on-line AIDA contact form (or by email) - to the support forum - so that responses reach as wide an audience as possible. However if / when we do this the originating email address will always be removed so that once again confidentiality is assured.

Contact Info
Should you have any questions or concerns about the AIDA Website privacy policy - please do not hesitate to contact us by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

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