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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
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AIDA is a non-commercial venture hosted at this dot org (.org) not-for-profit Website.

AIDA v2.0 (and then v2.3) were originally made available without charge to researchers on diskette in 1992 and 1993. Subsequently AIDA v4.0 beta was released without charge for testing on the Internet in March / April 1996 - and the full (non-beta) version was formally released as freeware in June 1996. The full history of AIDA releases (including 'AIDA on-line') can be viewed elsewhere at this site. Throughout all this time AIDA has been available completely free-of-charge, as a non-commercial contribution to continuing diabetes education.

We intend this to continue.

However maintaining and enhancing this Website, while trying to test and develop new versions of the AIDA diabetes software (and evaluate the existing versions), all takes time. While clearly involving more people is not always, automatically, the most efficient way of 'getting things done', for certain select standalone tasks - which can be dealt with separately - this can be helpful.

In this respect people often get in touch asking if it is possible to include certain features within AIDA / 'AIDA on-line'. Potentially having some method by which people can register their interest in making a contribution to help with AIDA should enhance the further development of the facilities that can be offered via this Website.

It should perhaps be stressed that we do not just need help from people with loads of technical / programming skills. Assistance from programmers or Website developers would obviously be most gratefully received. However some considerable help has been received in recent times from people with no particular technical skills, who just were willing / able to contribute a little bit of their time to AIDA.

It is difficult to give a hard and fast list on this Web page of things with which we need help. As is the nature of help, needs change over time. Furthermore one thing that we are very keen to avoid, given limited assistance, is duplicating anyone's effort. Therefore as soon as anyone offers to help with a particular task, it is removed from the list of 'things to do'.

If you think that you might be willing to devote some time or effort to help improve AIDA (or this Website) - or would actively like to make a positive contribution - we have set up a dedicated 'Help with AIDA' opt-in announcement mailing list. This operates on a similar basis to the main AIDA registration / announcement list. However in an effort to keep traffic on the main list as low as possible, people who might be able to help are invited to subscribe separately to the 'Help with AIDA' list.

It should perhaps be stressed that there is absolutely no committment to help, even if you subscribe to the list. (I.e. if you subscribe that does not mean that you are compelled to do anything!). Far from it - the 'Help with AIDA' list simply offers an efficient way of identifying people who are at least receptive to the idea of being asked from time to time for some help (without disturbing the entire main registration / announcement list). It will be self-evident but subscribers to the 'Help AIDA' list will be able to unsubscribe from the list at any time, whenever they wish.

However the idea is that as and when there is something that we think people might be able to help with, a message will be posted to the 'Help AIDA' list. If on receiving the message you think 'I could do that' - please do get in touch. We can then discuss it further by email. It is really that simple.

To subscribe to the 'Help with AIDA' opt-in list, please send a blank email note to:

You will receive back a confirmation email to which you will need to reply to actually be added to the list.

It goes without saying - but perhaps it should be confirmed - that no email details will be made available to any third parties. Also while the list is open to anyone who wants to subscribe, posting to the list is closed, so messages can only be posted by official AIDA developers. As a result traffic generated by this list will be kept to an absolute minimum. With regard to posting frequency we cannot envisage posting to this list more often than once every 2 or 3 months. However longer term we hope this 'Help with AIDA' list may offer a useful method of obtaining assistance with the further refinement and development of AIDA (and this Website).

Thank you for any help that you or any friends / relatives / colleagues or students that you know may be able to offer.

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