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Apple Mac Users

(Re)-Load AIDA Frames / Menus

AIDA v4 is a DOS-based program designed to run on IBM compatible PCs. However a number of users have reported that the program will work on Apple Macintosh computers running either Virtual PC or SoftWindows PC emulators

In this respect AIDA v4.3 has been tested and confirmed to work on Apple Macs running Virtual PC version 3.0.3 (as shown below).

AIDA v4.3 running under Virtual PC version 3.1.3 on an Apple Mac

AIDA v4.3 has also been tested and confirmed to work on Apple Macs running SoftWindows '95 (version 4) - as shown below.

AIDA v4.3 running under SoftWindows '95 version 4 on an Apple Mac

For Apple Mac users who do not have up-to-date versions of these PC emulators - AIDA v4.0 (a slightly older version - but with much of the same simulation functionality - and which is still available) has also been tested and confirmed to work on Apple Macs running Virtual PC version 2.1.2, as well as SoftWindows v2.0 (or later). Apparently SoftWindows v1.0 is not sufficient for running AIDA v4.0

The screen shot below shows the demo version of AIDA running under Virtual PC 2.1.2 on an Apple Mac.

AIDA demo running under Virtual PC version 2.1.2 on an Apple Mac

The AIDA developers would like to thank all those people who have very kindly tested out AIDA v4 on various Apple Macintosh computers running PC emulation software. If anyone has further experience with other Apple Mac PC emulators which they would like to contribute to this Web page - their contribution / screen shot would be much appreciated. Please contact the AIDA developers by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

If you have an Apple Mac - but do not have one of these PC emulators - you might like to check out AIDA on-line where you can run AIDA simulations for free in your Web browser window. To access the AIDA on-line Web site - simply click on the On-line Simulation link to the left of this page.

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